Narin Johns Speaking At Social Media & Mobile Strategies For Travel In San Francisco

Get to Grips with Attribution Modelling – Pinpoint What Really Influences Customer Behavior

Narin-HexWith so many consumer touch points at play to influence the consumer’s interaction with your brand how can you really measure what led them to purchase?

In this session, we explore how to go beyond the last click and build a truly holistic picture of the role both social media and mobile play.

What useful tools are available to help you accurately attribute influence? How can you measure sentiment?
Are you interpreting conversion cross platform accurately?
How do you communicate ROI for mobile and social back to upper management?
Is visual social media harder to measure than other forms?


Narin Johns, Display Media Director, Internet Marketing Inc.

Barbara Pezzi, Director – Analytics & Search Optimization, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

Jonathan Isernhagen, Director of Market Analysis,Travelocity