July 13-15: MozCon 2015

Adrian-VenderAdrian Vender, our Director of Analytics was thrilled to be chosen as a speaker at MozCon 2015 on Monday July 13th in Seattle, WA. His presentation topic: Content Tracking with Google Tag Manager. Adrian explains that as marketers our ability to measure user’s interactions on a website is limited and needs continuous improvement. Pageviews does not allow us to capture interactions with dynamic content and while there are JavaScript tricks to help track interactions, working with web development to place new code is sometimes a hurdle that slows us down.

Google Tag Manger (GTM) provides advanced content analytics and can bridge the gap between web analytics tools and hiring a developer to update code. GTM sounds very technical but in Adrian’s experience he believes it can easily be used by any digital marketer to track almost any action on a website. Adrian’s goal is to get all attendees on the GTM train. He will share client examples of tracking content in Google Analytics and share a link to a GTM container file that can help people pre-load templates into their own GTM.

MozCon is a three day SEO conference created by Moz that dives deep into SEO, social media, marketing analytics, content strategy, data science, CRO, the mobile landscape and so much more! All speakers at MozCon share insights and advice for building a loyal community and how to make data-driven marketing decisions. If you wish to connect with digital marketing industry leaders and learn from next-level speakers, make sure to look into MozCon 2015.

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