April 20: SDSU Journalism and Media Studies


Devon-GardnerOur Social Media Director Devon DeMars gave a presentation to the Journalism and Media Studies 210 class at SDSU on April 20, 2015. Devon speaks at SDSU every semester to help students understand the impact of social media on today’s businesses and consumers.

This semester, Devon educated the students on how brands can build trust through social media by sharing our co-founder and CMO Brent Gleeson’s Forbes article on the topic. Her goal was to show the students real world examples on how social media can be used to establish thought leadership, transparency, customer communication, accountability, engagement and social responsibility.

There was an interesting fact shared in her presentation about the importance of transparency – 77% of buyers are more likely to buy from a company if the CMO or C-level executive uses social media, and 82% trust the company more. Therefore, Devon even challenged the students to tweet our CMO Brent to see if he would respond; which he did!

Once an undergraduate at USC, Devon understands that real life examples will help the students recognize that social media is so much more than posting on social channels. It is about building trust and a positive relationship with your customers to create a win-win business strategy. Social media can make a significant impact on the buyer’s journey and compliment your overall digital marketing strategy in many ways. To find out more, visit our Social Media and case studies pages.