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How Social Media Marketing Works Best


Cross-Team Collaboration

From an engagement perspective, when social strategy incorporates Paid, Creative, and Content, it creates more holistic opportunities.


Campaign Management

In addition to creating content calendars, social media marketing includes campaign management and reporting, as well as engagement tactics such as Twitter chats, sweepstakes, giveaways, and review monitoring.


Testing & Technology

Social media is a fast-paced landscape with new apps and programs being designed constantly. It’s important to test new tools, but also to perform A/B testing and document what works best for each brand regardless of platform popularity.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is part of a strong social media strategy where connections are made with both brand ambassadors and influential profiles who can populate an extended “word-of-mouth” campaign.

Reputation Management

A brand’s visibility and public perception are essential to tracking online performance. Tackling review management, social chatter, and other online feedback helps to create a more cohesive social media marketing strategy.

Social Listening + Consulting

Social media marketing requires a mix of predictive data analytics and in-the-moment creation. We use social listening tools that help shape campaigns and pave a path to reach audiences when it will impact them most.

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