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How Display Advertising Works Best


Media Tools

Within the Google Marketing Platform lives Campaign Manager, our internal ad server, as well as Display & Video 360, our internal bidding platform. This gives us full ownership of display, video, native and mobile campaigns. Other agencies typically use 3rd party managers, but we’re able to handle this in-house due to experience. Additionally, MediaOcean aids in planning, forecasting, and media buying while synching directly with our accounting software.


Cross-Channel Planning

We have internal checklists for every platform pertaining to the build, launch, and QA of campaigns and our Display team is thorough in creative testing and reporting processes. We employ stringent Request For Proposal processes for our vendor vetting procedure, complete with intro calls, lunch and learns, and ongoing education and training.


Industry Relationships

Our team has worked at competing agencies, programmatic partners, publisher networks, and some have backgrounds in other digital channels to help hone our holistic view of digital marketing. We have 1:1 agency relationships with all major DSP and DMP partners and have agency reps for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Programmatic + Direct Buys

After an in-depth discovery process and extensive market research, IMI will identify the best websites and Demand Side Platforms to use for each client initiatives. We carefully determine which tactics, targeting capabilities and creatives best suit each campaign’s goals from branding and upper funnel prospecting to direct response, lower funnel retargeting.

Mobile Strategy + Geofencing

In a mobile-first landscape, IMI helps our clients make the most out of their mobile strategies. Whether it’s assisting in generating mobile application downloads or improving conversion rates with mobile-first creatives, IMI can create a holistic strategy that’s right for your brand. Additionally, we’ve partnered with some of the top mobile tech companies to bolster our geofencing capabilities with physical location walk-in verification reporting to track the success of our campaigns.

Display Performance + Acquisition

At IMI, we take your Display ad campaigns to the next level by using sophisticated analytics to determine which media elements are contributing to the conversions. Proprietary fingerprinting technology has the ability to track a user indefinitely and across multiple machines. We know when they were initially introduced to your brand, how they have navigated to the site since that initial introduction, and which media contributed to the conversions.

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