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How CRO Works Best


Testing + Data Analysis

UX creates hefty quantities of data that requires numerous hours of reviewing and analysis. Our CRO team consolidates all the evidence into a testing hypothesis. From there, we will run either an A/B split test or a multi-variant test (MVT) to determine the best converting layout, calls to action, colors, or other elements for your site.


Customized Reporting

We will review the data with you to show you our findings, provide all reports, and discuss how the data was pulled. Our reports are easy to use and document each issue with screenshots and evidence from our research and testing. The deliverables for each project often vary but will include documentation of findings and data of actual visitor interactions.


CRO Strategy + Implementation

We take care of the work for you. Based upon the package chosen, IMI will either build out and run test variations or advise on testing KPIs for clients to run the tests on their own. Your specific needs can be met by our experience and team capabilities.

Website Launches

By implementing UX tools and diving deep into the data, our CRO team can help you make informed website decisions and choose designs based on creating a positive user experience.

Lead Gen Campaigns

Landing page, conversion forms, shopping cart, and other lead gen opportunities are maximized through CRO. CRO will help to garner a higher return on investment and eliminate user experience frustrations.

CRO Education

By implementing CRO best practices, it will guide your digital marketing strategy to its most optimal performance. This requires ongoing testing, technology implementation, and updates to how we approach data storytelling to make it as beneficial as possible to your business.

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