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How Content Marketing Works Best


Discovery & Goal Setting

Like all of our digital strategies, content marketing starts with in-depth discovery and goal setting. Identifying the client’s goals and the types of content most likely to resonate with their audience is a critical first step.


Research & Creation

Once various forms of content are determined, research begins. The material is then used to tell a story that will impact the audience and can be shared through various mediums and touchpoints.



Promotion is an ongoing effort that leverages the work we do during the outreach phase of the project. Content promotion occurs through almost any digital marketing channel available, including social media, blogger outreach, email marketing, paid search, and display.

Blogging & Landing Pages

Content marketing works best when brands are consistent. A purposeful blogging strategy includes cross-collaboration with other service lines to create a cohesive message in order to optimize media budgets.

E-books & Whitepapers

Trustworthiness is important for consumers to buy into a brand. Illustrate your leadership in your industry by delivering e-books and whitepapers that provide value to your audience.

Infographics & Videos

Infographics and videos help words come to life in visually stimulating ways that help attract more attention and engage more users.

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