Interview With Benj Arriola: Site Navigation Impacts On SEO

IMI’s world famous VP of SEO, Benj Arriola, was recently interviewed by John Rampton of Search Engine Journal. The topic of the interview was site navigation and how various coding techniques can influence a site’s SEO. He provided some technical SEO tips on how to approach site development to ensure proper page indexation the best possible SEO impact.

Check out the interview below!

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • One of the main SEO issues is when the structure of the site and its coding prevents the search engines from even “seeing” the majority of the content or indexing key pages
  • The second issue involves everything being seen, but the search engines view it as being all on one page which dilutes the keyword focus of the site since all of the content is seen as being a single page.
  • Benj suggest avoiding these issues by have each pice of content live on its own page which is being linked to with easily crawlable ahref links.