2010 Vegas PubCon Coming in November

If you are not aware what PubCon is, this is WebmasterWorld’s conference. And if you are not familiar with WebmasterWorld and is in the business of web design/development, Internet marketing by SEO, PPC, SMO and is not aware of this online forum, then you must have been living under a rock.

When I learned about WebmasterWorld

I am not a first generation SEO person like the veterans, Danny Sullivan, Greg Boser, and others. I am not second generation

See Benj Arriola speak at Vegas PubCon 2010!

either like Aaron Wall, Todd Malicoat since I have been reading their works before I became a full-fledged SEO guy. Although I have been playing around with SEO since 2004, it was not at the level as most of the veterans that time. The first time I heard of WebmasterWorld, was shown to me by a co-worker at my first web design/development job in the US in 2004 and the main thing that caught my attention was the robots.txt file. 🙂 It disallowed the whole site, and yet the whole site was indexed. From then, I’ve been lurking in the forum and occasionally interacting, answering and asking questions. I learned more that there are tons of smart people on the forum sharing thoughts and ideas, just throwing information at each other. Then how cool would it be to even meet these people in person.

Attending PubCon

Attending conferences can be pricey, but if you are really serious in what you do and revolves around the topics discussed on WebmasterWorld, the price is worth it. Just like all the other major SEO conferences like SMX, SES, OMS, these are not concentrated on selling you anything with pitches within the talks. They are all about information, education, sharing which just benefits everyone as a whole, everyone learns. At first I was just dependent on people blogging about what happened at PubCon when it finished until I attended my first PubCon in hmmm I think 2008. And just started speaking at Pubcon this year in Dallas. Being a speaker is a privileged to share information with others, but that does not make me a lot smarter than many of you. And like you, every speakers still always has something to learn from the other speakers in every event.

See me Speak at Pubcon!

On the very first session speaking day, right after the keynote, I would be in the CSS and HTML Coding Today session together with Todd Keup, Ted Ulle, Dawn Wentzell. Hope to see you there! I believe the earlier you register, the lower the prices are. – Benj Arriola