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The Art and Science of Measuring ROI: Content Marketing

measuring-roi-ebook-cover-imageDefining the “R” in ROI: A Strategic Approach to Content Marketing

In order to identify and report the return on investment for your campaigns, you must be able to track the entire life cycle of your content. It’s time to understand how to properly define KPIs per content piece and utilize data analytics to distinguish what is and is not successful and why.

What can you expect from this eBook?

  • Common challenges and solutions to measuring ROI
  • Goal setting and defining appropriate KPIs
  • Helpful tools and the benefits of using data analytics
  • How to customize reports for your audience
  • Understanding when you will see success





The Ultimate Guide To Results Driven Content Marketing

results-driven-content-marketing-ebook-cover-imageStart thinking like a publisher and generate more leads!

This eBook is appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketers looking to place more emphasis on inbound marketing. Content marketing done right takes rhythm, consistency, and a commitment to quality and creativity.

What can you expect from this ebook?

  • Current trends in content marketing
  • Who is using content marketing and how
  • Facts and statistics that support its importance
  • How to develop a content marketing plan
  • How to effectively measure the results





mobile-ultimatum-ebook-cover-imageGoogle’s Mobile Algorithm Update

Have you heard about Google’s most recent algorithm update? If your website is not mobile friendly your rankings may suffer.

What can you expect from this whitepaper?

  • Algorithm Update Overview
  • The Impact on Rankings
  • SEO Tips and Guidelines for Mobile Sites
  • Which Mobile Site are You?





guide-to-google-analytics-for-social-media-managers-ebook-cover-imageA Guide to Google Analytics for Social Media Managers

Measuring social media remains one of the biggest challenges for marketers today. As the industry evolves, social media is no longer being measured just by audience engagement and growth, but also by the website referral traffic and conversions it generates. Many social media managers are still hazy when it comes to navigating web analytics platforms.

Start creating reports that will help you gain insight into your social media campaigns! Download your FREE copy of this step-by-step guide.





IMI_GuidetoInfluencerMarketing_CoverA Guide to Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not a flash-in-the-pan kind of strategy. It takes research, thoughtfulness, and a keen understanding of when and how to connect with people to help build your brand or business.

The Guide to Influencer Marketing will teach you:

  • What you might be missing from your current influencer campaign
  • How to start your first campaign
  • How to make your campaigns stronger and more successful
  • How to find the perfect influencer
  • How to measure the ROI of your campaign.





SEO Guide ebook cover imageThe SEO Guide to Optimizing Product Pages

In this eBook, you will learn how to be successful in your e-commerce business through:

  • Proper Product Page Optimization
  • Design Tips for Better User Experience
  • How to Create Compelling Copy to Entice and Attract
  • SEO Recommendations from the Experts at IMI





content marketing guide back to basicsContent Marketing Guide: Back to Basics

Let’s talk cost vs. value. The cost of budgets B2B and B2C businesses are willing to spend on their content marketing budgets vary. But both groups agree that content marketing is important.

Does your company think it’s important and why?

In this guide, you’ll discover:                          

  • The value of content marketing
  • Why content is a key investment
  • How to measure value
  • Common challenges and benefits
  • Future of content marketing