About Our SEO Reporting Platform

Internet Marketing Inc., in partnership with seo clarity, provides our clients with the most advanced SEO reporting platform in the industry.  seo Clarity is the first and only platform of its kind and provides complete visibility for all of our clients’ SEO efforts.  This advanced enterprise SEO dashboard combines all aspects of search engine optimization, including on-page, off-page, rankings, insights and opportunities.  seo Clarity allows our SEO Department and Account Managers more time for creativity and optimization because less time is spent on the manual aspects of reporting that is typical with other tools.  We spend more time actually optimizing the SEO campaigns and looking for new areas for improvement which provides our clients with a more valuable return on invesment.

SEO Reporting Features

Managing large scale search engine optimization campaigns is a time consuming task and involves many resources from the SEO agency as well as the client.  From research and keyword analysis to diagnostics and ongoing optimization, the last thing you need to be worried about is spending hours and hours on compiling data.  seo Clarity handles all of that for us, freeing up valuable to time for strategy and execution. 

Some of the key features include:

  • Daily Data Aggregation:  data is collected daily allowing for rapid intelligence gathering and decision making
  • Simple Analytics Integration:  this SEO platform easily integrates with Google Analytics and other analytics platforms
  • Dashboards and Reports:  ability to customize dashboards for data integration as well as plug in external data sources
  • Deep Competitive Analysis:   this SEO software takes competitive analysis to the next level and provides detailed insight into their SEO stratgey
  • Intelligent Monitoring and Alerts:  this SEO platform tells us not only what is happening each day but what is important to focus on
  • True ROI Measurement:  our SEO analysis and reporting platform allows us to show results and prove the ROI value
  • Smarter Keyword Research:  seo Clarity aggregates data from many sources to provide maximum information for defining your keyword strategy

Our SEO technology combined with our team of search engine optimization experts gives Internet Marketing Inc. the ability to produce great results for enterprise SEO clients.

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