About Jeff Tompkins

Jeff Tompkins, Business Development Executive

Jeff Tompkins joined the IMI team in fall of 2010.  Before joining IMI, Jeff began his career in Marketing in 2002 and has been directly involved with the Internet Marketing industry since 2004.  He has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from local business to Fortune 500 companies and has launched everything from small campaigns to multi-million dollar camping’s online.  He is committed to understanding his clients’ needs and believes in building long term relationship with clientele.  His philosophy is simple; if the Client succeeds, the Company Succeeds.  He has a vary hands on approach to working with his clientele and always Champion’s his client’s needs. 

Growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley (Cupertino, CA), Jeff started interacting with computers at the young age of 4 and started interacting with the Internet Pre-Search Engines days.  He was fortunate to attend Kennedy Junior High and Monta Vista High School, both of which were used as test grounds by Yahoo to beta test and launch the modern Search Engines we know today.  As part of Monta Vista’s curriculum, Jeff learned how to read and write basic HTML website code at the early age of 13.  Since creating his first Webpage in high School, Jeff been fascinated by the Internet and its interworking’s. 

Outside of Work, Jeff enjoys playing in organized sport leagues, such as Soccer and Softball, outdoor activists including boating, skiing, fishing, hiking, and spending time at the beach; and has a passion for both BBQing and Cooking.