About Irene Roberts

Irene Roberts, Senior Creative Director

Irene Roberts is the senior creative director at Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI), at the San Diego location. She believes in cultivating a diverse, comfortable environment where creative ideas are born. She uses a true team approach in the creative process where her client is an essential part of the team. She has a proven track record of consistently delivering bottom-line results. She’s been an integral part of winning 11 Romero awards, two AMA awards, three American Marketer of the Year awards, and various other industry recognitions. Over 15 years in a variety of brands: Blizzard Entertainment, Konami, MLB, Cartoon Network, Marvel, Disney, NBC Universal, Smith Barney, Sanrio, Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, Down Syndrome Association, Women’s History Museum, Qualcomm Incorporated, Weinstein Brothers, and so many more!