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Portland Internet Marketing Company

Internet Marketing Inc. is an online marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization for Portland based companies. We offer services in affiliate marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and more for the Portland area.

Portland Search Engine Optimization

At Internet Marketing Inc, we believe that it is important of us to get to know our clients and their industries. By understanding our clients we are able to make an exclusive marketing campaign that will increase web traffic to their sites.

Through our personal connection with our clients we are able to help their website grow and become more attractive. We provide internet marketing services to medium size companies in Portland.

A Leading Internet Marketing Firm Serving Portland

Through our expertise in website optimization, social media marketing and our extensive knowledge of the internet business we are able to increase search engine ranking for all our Portland clients.

Internet Marketing Inc. is well known for its success in the online marketing industry. Our online marketing campaigns are individual customized for each of our Portland clients. Our team has years of experience and is always coming up with innovative marketing strategies.

IMI’s objective is to help Portland companies by optimizing their website and improving their online marking. We are able to do this trough our excellent customer service and strategic marketing approach. Our team is focused and our goal is to help your business increase its profits.