Internet Marketing Inc. is a search engine optimization firm that specializes in increased web traffic and profitability through the implementation of methods such as website advertising, pay per click programs and search engine optimization for Austin based companies. IMI is a distinguished leader among internet marketing companies and search engine optimization agencies in Austin as well as countless other cities. IMI has a long and rich history of providing exceptional internet marketing services to the greater Austin area, including but not limited to Blanco County, Llano County, Williamson County, Bastrop County, Lee County, and Milam County.

Internet Marketing Inc. has its corporate headquarters in San Diego, but has offices in many cities across the United States. IMI offers its numerous services to a preponderance of cities in the continental US including Austin, the home of the famous Austin City Limits music festival! Internet Marketing Inc.’s highly knowledgeable and dedicated team are eager to fulfill all of the internet marketing needs of the greater Austin area!

Link Building and Marketing Ideas for Austin Based Companies

Internet Marketing Inc. provides detailed marketing plans and search engine marketing consulting with the goal of increasing web traffic and overall profitability for the small to medium sized companies in the greater Austin area. IMI takes great pride in the close and long-lasting relationships it forms with each and every one of its clients. Because of this, we strive to provide our clients with the utmost customer service and attention that we believe they deserve. IMI employs a unique approach to providing its internet marketing services to its clients. In order to get a real understanding of the workings of our clients’ businesses, we perform detailed and extensive research on all of our clients’ industries. We are then able to create a customized search engine optimization and marketing campaign made specifically for our clients’ company.

Our Web Advertising Approach

Our unique discovery process helps our team research the client’s industry and designs a campaign using only combined marketing strategies that will provide a predetermined return on investment. We use combine such as link building and pay per click programs in order to achieve a higher search engine ranking. IMI takes a unique approach to each of our Atlanta clients by first gaining an intimate understanding of what really drives their search engine rankings.

Marketing Plans and Web Promotion Services in Austin

Internet Marketing Inc. provides a level of dedication and customer service that is rarely seen in today’s day and age. The experience and knowledge that the IMI team of project managers, account managers, and web developers posses is second to none and the results of this are shown in the quality of work that we do. It is through this perfect blend of superior quality and unmatched dedication that Internet Marketing Inc. is able to offer its countless customized internet marketing services to any and all businesses in the Austin area and beyond! Through our exceedingly talented team and cooperative working environment, we see ourselves becoming the premier provider of internet marketing solutions in the country.