Why is Multi-Attribution Technology Important?

Online marketing with its promise of total measurement and complete transparency has grown at a fast clip over the years.  With the numerous advertising channels available online and offline it makes attributing success to the correct campaigns very difficult.  Most online marketers mistakenly attribute 100% of a sale or lead to the Last Clicked source.  The main reason for this is that analytic solutions only provide last click analysis. 93% to 95% of marketing touchpoints are ignored when you only attribute success to the last click.  That is why multi-attribution is required to properly source sales or leads.

Multi-Attribution Example

Consider the case of a homeowner trying to buy new shutters for his or her home. As a first stop, she conducts a search on shutters, and is served PPC ads from several ecommerce companies. She then does an organic branded search, visits the ABC Shutters’ website, looks at a few products, and leaves before making a decision.  She is retargeted a few days later, comes back to the website, identifies a product to buy, leaves to search for ABC Shutters coupons, comes back through an affiliate site and eventually completes the transaction.

This simple example is a classic case for multi-attribution and is typical behavior in online transactions. Yet most analytics packages use last click attribution by default, resulting in the affiliate getting credit for the sale. All the assists in the form of PPC, organic search, SEO, retargeting fail to get any credit. In contrast, Multi-attribution understands and accounts for the fact that a classic marketing campaign touches potential customers in multiple ways.

IMI’s Multi-Attribution Tool or MAT™ can track all marketing sources that the customer was exposed to before the purchase, and apportion credit among all these sources.

About MAT™ (Multi-Attribution Tool)

With Internet Marketing, Inc. we include our MAT™ service that shows a detailed and accurate representation of the actual source of the sale or lead. We provide multiple attribution analysis.

Yes, it’s great to see Google Adwords is generating a ROAS of 1000%, but if Facebook was the initial touch point for 40% of those sales – doesn’t it deserve credit?   Internet marketers tend to prematurely cancel marketing campaigns relying on Last Click analysis.  MAT™ will show you the correct attribution and we’ll work directly with you to identify the right value for each source visited.  Proper Attribution is a major component that helps IMI successfully and effectively manage your multiple advertising channels.