Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Management Services

SEM is a vital element for the digital mix as it relates to paid search and social media ads. As with all search, SEM is constantly changing. Our team is Google Adwords and Analytics certified and up-to-date on the latest optimization techniques to help you achieve your objectives through integrating paid search into your digital marketing mix.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising delivers targeted traffic and conversions and will yield results faster than organic search engine optimization. Successful PPC marketing programs offer incredible revenue and brand-building opportunities. However, without a thorough understanding of how PPC advertising works, it is very easy to mismanage valuable advertising budgets. That’s where IMI’s PPC management team comes in!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Management Services

PPC Management          

Pay Per Click advertising (also known as PPC or CPC) is one of the best ways to drive immediate results through online marketing campaigns. It allows clients to allot a specific monthly marketing budget for their online ads that are extremely targeted, continually monitored and highly optimized.

Our Experience

Internet Marketing Inc. is a leading SEM company and has experience managing all sizes of PPC marketing budgets including global efforts in multiple languages. IMI takes into account the differences in culture and business practices from region to region to maximize performance. We apply methodical and unique search engine marketing strategies to ensure the highest possible return on investment.

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Our Approach & Strategy

Our sophisticated approach to search engine marketing takes many things into account. Everything starts with defining clear KPI goals, business objectives and milestones for your own pay per click program. Extensive research is done prior to launching any pay per click marketing campaign so that our PPC Specialists have an intimate understanding of your business, your industry, and your competition. Our campaigns are constantly monitored, analyzed, and optimized to meet client goals.  Our approach includes but is not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Integration with Sophisticated Bid Management Tools
  • Keyword Research, Analysis, and Application
  • Ad Copy and Landing Page Optimization
  • Content, Retargeting, and Banner Campaigns
  • Multi-Attribution Conversion Tracking Technology

SEM Technology

Brands and marketers continue to spend more money in online advertising to attract new customers, create brand awareness, and ultimately increase revenue. The competitive landscape of pay per click advertising will continue to become more complex and the cost per click for keywords more expensive. As search continues to evolve, marketers need to be able to have deep insight into their ad campaigns and be able to maximize the return on ad spend as well as the return on their investment in time and human capital resources.

This is why IMI partners with Marin Software to provide the best in class solution for managing paid search, mobile, social ads, and display campaigns. Our use of Marin Software does not inhibit our expertise, nor does it mean we fully automate our clients’ paid search campaigns. IMI’s SEM team has decades of combined experience and applies that knowledge when utilizing this advanced technology.

Marin’s predictive bidding algorithms and intelligent recommendations provide powerful automation while preserving control for the marketer. With complete visibility into performance, marketers can optimize to the unique economics of their business. Read More…


Reporting for campaigns will involve automated weekly snapshots and monthly in-depth reports that detail key metrics. The goal of these reports is to show continuing performance, growth, ROI and highlights. Reports can also be generated on-demand when needed, and will allow easy analysis and decision making.

The standard report format shows a comprehensive overview by country of basic ROI metrics such as Conversion Rate, ROI and CPC. Further details such as channel performance (MSN AdCenter vs. Google and actual keyword performance data are also given to provide comprehensive coverage of the campaign performance in the requested time period. Further details, such as click-path, negative keywords, ad copy quality and regional analysis are available  on an ad-hoc basis.

Pay Per Click Management Pricing

For all Search Engine Marketing Campaigns, Internet Marketing Inc. follows a traditional pricing model with a minimal management fee or as a percent of the month spend depending on spend. We also have packages for flat fee models and performance models depending on the scope of the project and other services provided.

Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Click on the link below to review a list of important PPC terms and definitions.

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