What is Conversion Optimization and How Can I Use It?

Simply put, Conversion Optimization is the process of taking your current site usability and improving the site’s ability to convert. From eCommerce to lead generation websites, conversion optimization is useful for both B2B and B2C markets.

Why continue spending money on campaigns that do not convert? Internet Marketing Inc’s Conversion Optimization process has been used by many companies to increase leads on home pages as well as targeted landing pages. Run a trial Conversion Optimization campaign and watch the ROI increase!

Our Unique Process

IMI starts by speaking with you, the client, to better understand your website, landing page or micro site. We work directly with each client to understand exactly what needs to be achieved from Conversion Optimization. From there we organize the project acquiring benchmarks in the following:Funnel abandonment rate

  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value
  • Days to Purchase
  • Visits to Purchase
  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Visitor Recency
  • Sales $ Amount
  • Task Completion Rate
  • Client Directed KPIs

Current Site Usage

IMI is passionate about improving the user experience (UX) and conversion rates of a site. We go into great detail to evaluate how the current users engage with the site, preventing any user-biases to be developed through testing. We passively track your users interfacing (UI) with the site, thereby gaining insight into their site usage and/or lack of use to provide guidance on testing.

Testing and Data Analysis

Current UX creates hefty quantities of data that is captured and requires numerous hours of reviewing and analysis. Our user experience expert team consolidates all the evidence into a testing hypothesis. From there we will run either an A/B Split test or a Multi-variant test (MVT) to determine the best converting layout/Calls to Action/Colors/Fonts for your site.

Presenting the Issues Back to the Team

We do not leave the work to you. Based upon the package chosen, IMI will either build out and run test variations or advise on testing KPIs for clients to run the tests on their own. Your specific needs can be met by our experience and team capabilities.

Reporting the Findings

From our initial analysis through our conversion optimization testing, Internet Marketing Inc believes in full disclosure.  Not only will we review the data with you to show you our findings, we provide all reports to our clients and discuss how the data was pulled. Our reports are easy to use and document each issue with screenshots and evidence from our research and testing. The deliverables for each project often vary but will include documentation of findings and data of actual visitor interactions.

What Can Be Achieved

  • Eliminate frustrations and hindrances from the visitor’s experience.
  • Improve conversion rates and receive a return on investment from conversion optimization testing.
  • Make informed website decisions and confidently choose designs based on actual user experiences.

15% increase in revenue within 60 days of campaign launch – Blindsgalore.com

Types of Conversion Optimization

  • Pre-website Launch
  • Post-website Launch
  • Landing Page
  • Microsite
  • Shopping Cart
  • Conversion Forms

Conversion Optimization FAQs

When is the best time to test?

Conversion Optimization testing can be done at any time, whether you’re in the development process, have just completed the process or are about to start the development process. Whether you are prototyping a new website design or revamping an old one conversion optimization can provide you with a wealth of information that will be invaluable to the development process.

How often should we test?

Conversion Optimization is a CONTINUOUS process. While we break this down into “sprints” to build credibility and trust, conversion optimization is not a ‘job is done’ process. If you are committed to delivering a quality product that is easy to navigate and continues to meet your customer’s ever changing needs, then you should be continually adapting your site(s).

How long does Conversion Optimization take?

This is almost completely dependent on what we are testing and the statistical significance required. Average sprints last two to six (2-6) weeks with research lasting up to one month. Minimum campaign runs are for three months, but six month runs are the average.

How much does Conversion Optimization cost?

Conversion Optimization pricing can vary based on services provided. Please contact us for pricing options as there is a package for every client’s needs!

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