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Time Life


BELLA is introducing a brand new juicer to the market, the NutriPro Juicer. BELLA partnered with TimeLife to promote the juicer with infomercials. TimeLife approached IMI about developing a social blogger outreach strategy to increase brand awareness, create buzz, and add value to overall SEO efforts.


To reach out and develop relationships with influential bloggers for product promotion, brand awareness, and driving sales.


IMI has been working diligently with TimeLife and BELLA to develop a multi-step strategy that includes the following ongoing efforts:

  • Developing an ever-growing list of influential bloggers and citizen journalists
  • Follow them and listen to their messaging through social media channels
  • Engage in communication with them
  • Create the pitch and invite them use the product
  • Get them talking and writing about the product
Time Life


The results of our Social Media and Digital PR team have been outstanding. We have seen an increase in online chatter, significant traffic increases to the product website, and great conversion rates for sales as a direct result of blogger outreach:

  • Developed relationships with influential bloggers with high domain authority sites
  • 16 of the top 30 referral sources of traffic to the product site are from blogger outreach
  • Up to 8% conversion rates on sales when buyers click through from blogger sites
  • Drastic improvements in SEO link building from the blogger sites
  • Increased online chatter and positive product reviews

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