Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is the ‘World’s Largest Running Series’ with more than 500,000 people taking part in 30 global cities each year.

IMI was selected as Rock ‘n’ Roll’s agency of record due to their ability to effectively manage multiple channels simultaneously and integrate with multi-touch attribution analytics.


To drive race registrations through increased awareness.


Prospecting: IMI was challenged with getting as many new runners to register for the Global Running Day race within a three-day period. Branded and non-branded paid search, social, and display advertisements were simultaneously used to maximize reach among lookalike audiences from race alumni, as well as fitness enthusiasts.

Messaging: Messaging was tailored during each stage of the event, including the awareness period and registration period. While the awareness messaging was education-focused and included taglines of “Get Details” and “Learn More,” the registration messaging conveyed a sense of urgency with taglines such as “Limited Time,“ “While They Last,”  and “Today Only.”

Retargeting: IMI invested in retargeting, understanding that it drives a lower cost per registration. Those with heightened interest were retargeted, including website visitors and past race alumni. Social ads were also used to retarget an additional layer of leads – Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon page fans.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon


Generated 6,125 race registrations during the three-day campaign.

  • 49.7x Display ROAS
  • 30.1x Paid Search ROAS
  • 26.5x All Channels ROAS
  • 6.4x Social Ads ROAS

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