Paid Social Ads Increased
Website Traffic by 329%

Legoland Social Media Campaign


LEGOLAND® California Resort is a 128-acre theme park offering more than 60 rides, shows and attractions and provides an interactive experience geared toward families with children ages 2 – 12 years. The brand has always relied on traditional marketing (TV, Radio, & Print) to lead their marketing efforts. Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI) is the first full service digital agency they have worked with to expand their overall digital marketing efforts.


Increase brand awareness and build community through their social channels by utilizing Facebook advertising and social media best practices.


To increase brand awareness organically through LEGOLAND’s social channels, IMI implemented a content calendar that focused on an 80-20 ratio, where 80% of the posts were community based and 20% promotion based.

Social media best practices included:

  • Post user generated content
  • Use high quality images with each post
  • Monitor and engage with the people that are talking about the brand
  • Utilize hashtags associated with LEGOLAND to allow people to join a conversation already happening
  • Add social sharing icons to their website to encourage interaction
  • Boost posts receiving high engagement would give LEGOLAND an opportunity to reach more potential customers with a message they knew was resonating with their target audience

IMI created a paid social campaign that included ads that targeted a specific demographic to gain more “likes” to their Facebook page and increase clicks to their website.



Legoland Social Media Campaign


Legoland-image-1The results compare 2013 Sept – Oct to 2014 Sept – Oct

  • Facebook page likes grew by 11.92%
  • Clicks to website from paid social ads increased by 329%
  • Click through rate increased by 452%
  • The quality of the posts have improved and fan engagement continues to increase month to month
  • Likes per posts grew by 115%
  • Comments per posts increased by 155%
  • Shares per post increased by 40%
  • Engagement rate increased by 370%


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