Juhl offers an exceptional collection of distinct residences including condos, lofts, brownstones, and townhomes. Given IMI’s past success with condominium sales, Juhl transitioned from working with a traditional agency to a full-scale digital agency in order to meet the changing needs of its potential buyers.


To have a pipeline of leads ready once homes became available.


Campaign Ideation: IMI implemented a paid social teaser campaign (“Get on the List”) for two months to encourage email signups with the promise of being an “insider” and “the first to know” when new homes were available. IMI only showed snippets of the information and imagery available to keep prospects wanting more.

Local SEO: Juhl’s Google My Business listing was optimized and monitored to ensure consistent business information was displayed across all citation sites to improve map-related rankings. Additionally, IMI performed in-depth keyword research, which was used to write meta content for key conversion pages to match with the identified targeted search queries.

Social Ad Campaign: Using both prospecting and remarketing tactics in tandem, IMI was able to maximize lead generation efforts through creative design and segmented audiences.



804 leads generated from paid social and organic search over a two-month period.

  • 26% increase in organic traffic
  • 70% decrease in cost per lead
  • 150% increase in conversion rate

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