InMode is an innovative technology company that wanted to update their website and reach more physicians who use their products and patients and prospects who are considering minimally-invasive surgery. After extensive market research, we recommended: restructuring the sitemap to provide an improved customer experience, dynamic scheduling via Eventbrite integration, and improved search to help patients find specialists in their area.


To increase visitor traffic, session time, physician searches, and event registrations.


Physicians’ Finder: More visitors are using this service and finding specialized physicians in their area faster and without having to request help.

Event Scheduling Platform: There has been an increase in registrations and attendance to industry-related events promoted on the website.

Media Library Platform: The amount of downloads from the website has tripled since the website restructured.

Dynamic Before/After Gallery: Traffic has more than doubled since the website re-launch and this section has taken most of the increase.

Services Used:

  • Paid Search
  • Web Dev
  • Creative
  • Eventbrite Integration


Website traffic increased between November 2017 and May 2018 from 14,151 to 35,709 visitors.

  • 2.5x increase in sessions
  • 5x┬áincrease in “Learn more” CTA clicks
  • 3.25x┬áincrease “Contact us” submissions
  • 2.75x increase in downloads

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