Constellation is one of the leading energy suppliers in the United States, serving approximately 2.5 million residential, public sector, and business customers.

IMI was selected because of their experience both targeting the millennial demographic and facing big-named competition.


Increase brand awareness and site traffic among millennial audiences in Texas for Constellation’s subsidiary, StarTex Power.


Campaign Ideation: This five-month, omni-channel phased content approach Hero of the House campaign was developed to spark conversation and interest among the Texas millennial audience. The campaign challenged millennials to share photos and stories on how they were a “hero of their house.” Participants shared their energy saving projects, fixed problems within their homes, or accomplished creative DIY projects.

Influencer Activation: The “Are You a True Hero of the House?” personality quiz was created and featured on the StarTex Power blog. Influencers were strategically selected to share and host the quiz on their blogs and social channels. Additionally, the influencers with the most engaged Twitter audiences co-hosted a Hero of the House Twitter chat using #HeroOfTheHouse.

Promotion: An interactive infographic was created and distributed through native and social ads. IMI also held a Twitter scavenger hunt, compelling users to visit the infographic in order to find answers to questions. Through the activation of Texas influencers, select demographics were able to be reached and engaged.



Gained 17,777 likes, comments, shares, and retweets.

  • 15.5% increase in organic search from last year
  • 1,291 tweets generated within an hour
  • 16,774 site visits from Facebook
  • 3,565 quiz completions


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