Search Engine Optimization + Paid Media Strategy
Our strategies improved ROAS
by 84% in 4 months!

American Van


American Van Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of practical storage solutions for vans and pick-up trucks. They have been supplying local companies and contractors with storage solution products for over 35 years. They wanted to improve brand awareness in organic search and increase online sales. They hired IMI to manage their paid and organic search campaigns.


At the start of our relationship 5 years ago, the goal was to achieve a 500% or better return on ad spend (ROAS). As we surpassed that goal through continual optimization and strategy, we were looking to maintain a 10% increase in ROAS month over month and improve organic ranking position for several products.


IMI’s SEO strategy was to improve the keyword rankings that were bringing in the most revenue. By revising the keyword mapping and implementing tactics that increased Domain Authority, IMI was able to improve rankings dramatically.

Our paid strategy included building out keyword categories for all products under “non-branded” AdWords campaigns, removing previous paid media campaign data from Bing in order to uncover the most optimal engine-specific keyword mix. and clean and optimize the product feed to ensure all products receive full visibility in search.


Results are based off of statistics from March 2015 – June 2015.

  • Increased ROAS by 84% – going from 2,413% to 4,431% in 4 months.
  • Increased organic rankings for non-branded keywords by 10% which resulted in driving more relevant traffic to product pages.
  • Increased keyword rankings in the top five of Google by 20%.

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