Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Our strategies resulted in a
dramatic increase in monthly organic
traffic and click through rates!

Ambit Energy


Ambit Energy is a retail energy provider in deregulated states such as Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York. Sales had primarily been fostered by outside independent sales consultants but Ambit had a goal of increasing higher margin sales through their website and call center.


  • To use SEO and PPC to increase traffic and lead generation through
  • To use Online Reputation Management and Social Media to push denigrating content off the first page of Google


When designing the strategy, the IMI team performed in-depth research and spent many hours in discovery sessions with the client and their PR team. We performed competitive analysis, completed a diagnostic analysis to determine SEO website improvements, and conducted keyword research for SEO and PPC. IMI monitored negative content about the Ambit brand and researched the websites that ranked on the first page of Google for brand terms and executive names.

After performing detailed keyword research and Keyword Effectiveness Index analysis, IMI created targeted keyword lists for both the SEO and PPC campaigns. The SEO campaign was focusing on increasing rankings and traffic for non-branded keywords.



  • IMI successfully pushed all but one of the negative results off the first page of Google.
  • Increased non-branded keyword rankings on the first page of Google from 5 to 300.
  • Monthly organic traffic increased by 300% – going from 4,000 monthly visitors to over 16,000.
  • While gradually increasing the budget, IMI was able to maintain the target CTR’s while decreasing the cost per click by 50%.

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