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Exceeded their revenue goal by 9x at $900,000 per month!


VitaCup allows consumers to take vitamins in a tastier way. VitaCup offers Keurig® compatible, vitamin-infused coffee & tea that can help boost productivity, metabolism & enhance mood.


Leverage digital marketing to decrease cost per acquisition, increase conversion rate, and ultimately, increase overall revenue.


Facebook Marketing: New creatives were produced for Facebook every 72 hours. Using over 100 different custom audiences, IMI optimized VitaCup’s Facebook campaign on an hourly basis, increasing spend up to $25K per day, while maintaining the desired CPA. Understanding all target audiences, a unique creative strategy was used based on each audience.

Affiliate Marketing: The activation of “super affiliates” drove nearly 40% of all VitaCup sales to-date. IMI identified strategic affiliate partners and networks that would help VitaCup grow through a cost-per-sale performance model. Through the build-out of an affiliate lead email marketing program, IMI provided a truly omnichannel affiliate activation.

Paid Media: IMI worked with VitaCup to develop a paid media program targeting customers at every level of the digital marketing funnel. Facebook was used for awareness; Bing, Google PPC, and Google PLA ads were used for consideration; and Criteo retargeting was used for purchase. The strategic layering of these tactics for each level of the funnel ensured customers received consistent messaging within the appropriate context of their journey.

Content Marketing + SEO: The initial challenge was competition with national companies that shared the same name. Through use of onsite and offsite content creation, public relations, and influencer/blogger content partnerships, VitaCup quickly advanced ahead other companies prominently displayed in branded maps, images, and text search results.

Conversion Rate Optimization: IMI leveraged heat mapping analyses, click tracking, pre-sell pages, and the development of hypotheses to increase VitaCup’s conversion rate, improve efficiencies across all other channels, and provide an overall lift in sales.


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