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IMI helped Utz gain $20K in revenue in just 10 days!


Utz is the largest, independent, privately-held snack brand in the U.S. Their popularity is known nationwide. However, the nearly 100-year-old brand wanted to make their reach even greater by creating a direct-to-consumer connection.


Utz turned to IMI to update their old site to an improved look and feel. It was important to create an e-commerce site where visitors could purchase goods directly. The goal: redesign the website to create an improved user experience with seamless navigation and an easy checkout.


The project included leveraging Slate 1.0, part of the Shopify Plus toolkit, to help increase development speed and efficiency. In addition, IMI’s dev team leveraged Beanstalk in combination with Slate to allow the entire team to work on the build simultaneously. 

The collection page filtering is rendered almost entirely in JavaScript, which is unconventional, but provides a fast user experience and ease/ability to sort and filter through products quickly. Front-end styling was accomplished with the most modern CSS method of using Grid CSS. This method also allowed the team to rapidly build layouts with less code and no other libraries to load to construct layouts. 

IMI also leveraged the Agile Bundle Builder App for the most critical feature in the website, the “Create A Gift” and “Custom Variety Pack bundles”. This app enables the bundle functionality, which was customized for UTZ business use cases. The app provides a quick and easy way to manage and sell bundles across the store. 

Finally, for fulfillment, IMI leveraged the ShipStation integration with Shopify. By taking advantage of Shopify Plus’s tools and capabilities, IMI was able to create an e-commerce experience that has continued to prove a profitable new direction for Utz.


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