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Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

Best performing presale campaign of 2018!


The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is a collection of road running events owned and operated by the IRONMAN Group, part of Wanda Sports Holdings. The series is known for lining race routes with live bands, cheerleaders and themed water stations, and is held in 31 locations across 9 countries.


The goal of the direct response campaign was to boost event awareness, increase event registrations, and lower the average cost per registration. The Series wanted to raise brand awareness and reach more runners during their annual one-day worldwide sale.


Boosted Posts & Video Ads: To create momentum, IMI created a series of boosted posts and video ads that ran 2 days prior to the one-day sale. The playful ad had the same look and feel, but displayed messages tailored to various audiences. Links lead to an information and signup landing page. The ads ran in Facebook desktop and mobile News Feed and Instagram for the broadest reach.

Custom Audiences: To drive registrations, IMI created a Custom Audience (based on an email list of people who had registered before) and created lookalike audiences composed of those runners’ friends, and people who shared their interests. On the day of the sale, the team also retargeted carousel ads to people who had viewed the earlier teaser videos that included a “Sign Up” button to encourage quick action.

Monitor and Track Campaign: IMI used the Facebook pixel to follow page views and registrations, and also track revenue. The level of tracking allowed the team to calculate a true return on ad spend.



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