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Revive Salon & Spa

IMI decreased their cost per click by 32% in 5.5 months!


With two premier locations in San Diego, the elegantly modern Revive Salon & Spa has set itself apart since 2006. Revive partnered with IMI to expand its marketing efforts to include paid media advertising. IMI was selected from other agencies because of its focus on multi-channel digital marketing strategy.


To expand market share, maximize current customer service, and generate more leads.


Paid Social Media: This channel was used to prospect and drive new audience use by placing messaging in front of users that have shown interest by creating or engaging with social content that aligns with the brand. Current customers were engaged via targeting with reminder CoolSculpting messages. Geo-targeting ensured that ads were only displayed to relevant audiences.

PPC + Retargeting: This channel captured and delivered messaging to the active user seeking information about CoolSculpting. Retargeting keeps brand messaging top of mind.

CRO + Content: The CRO and content creation ensured prospective consumers got the information they needed on the website with a streamlined path to purchase.

Services Used:

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Creative
  • Display


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