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Our strategic approach to technical SEO consulting has lead to big increases in traffic across international sites.


Polycom hired IMI to perform technical SEO audits and provide ongoing content strategy and consulting. IMI has been providing this service for well over a year with significant results.


The goal was to improve on-page technical SEO function to eliminate roadblocks, increase indexation, and improve traffic and rankings.


Upon completion of a comprehensive technical SEO audit, IMI prioritized sitewide and on-page elements that would positively impact search engine rankings. For each element, we provided a business requirements document that outlined the purpose, the SEO impact and the specifications.


Not only did we see organic traffic and rankings improvements for the US site, but the focus on helping drive the right visits to the right property with regional tagging is showing a clear search impact YOY.

Q1 2014 compared to Q1 2013:

  • United States had a 22.6% increase in organic traffic
  • Canada increased about 2x
  • Australia increased by 25%

In terms of rankings, 111 of 190 target keywords improved in Google US rankings from the start of the campaign, about 10 months prior. Currently 109 of the target keywords rank on the first page of Google US, compared to 84 at the campaign start. This is an improvement of 25 target keywords to the first page of organic results.

In regards to backlinks, the Polycom backlink profile increased from about 3 million backlinks in April 2013 to 5 million in December of 2013. The historical backlink profile increased the most and at the fasted rate during the SEO campaign with IMI.

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