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National Pen

Digital calendar generated 589 associated sales conversions.


National Pen offers high-quality personalized pens and promotional business products at factory-direct pricing. IMI and National Pen have a longstanding partnership of trust built from ongoing success and fortified by seamless collaboration.


Increase organic traffic, expand content marketing, drive up domain authority and attract new site visitors.


Content Ideation: IMI created a digital calendar to directly promote National Pen’s underperforming calendar category. The calendar was designed to be interactive and memorable. It was strategically crafted as an evergreen asset to be used for promotion and engagement throughout the year.

Creative: The content piece was created in a highly engaging format and made easily shareable to encourage users to share across their social networks. By intentionally leaving out dates and focusing on singular monthly themes, IMI built an impactful and memorable promo-friendly content piece with a long shelf life.

Promotion: Email marketing and social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, were used to increase exposure. Since the calendar highlighted a popular, general-interest topic (work-life balance), IMI was able to perform outreach to a wide variety of sites to encourage pickups, ranging from self-help blogs to career-focused and general-interest sites.

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