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Paid Social Ads Increased Website Traffic by 329%!


LEGOLAND California Resort is a 128-acre theme park geared toward families with children ages 2 – 12 years. The Resort includes LEGOLAND® California Park, SEA LIFE® Aquarium, LEGOLAND® Water Park and LEGOLAND Hotel, with over 60 family rides, hands-on attractions and shows, LEGOLAND California provides education, adventure, and fun.  The brand has always relied on traditional marketing efforts (TV, Radio, & Print) to lead their marketing efforts. Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI) is the first full service digital agency they have worked with to expand their overall digital marketing efforts.


  • Increase Social Brand Awareness and Build Community on their social channels, primarily focused on Facebook. 
  • Grow the number of fans and increase the growth percentage through Organic Brand Awareness 
  • Improve clicks, impressions, and click-through-rates through Paid Brand Awareness (Facebook Ads) 
  • Increase Average Likes per Post, Average Comments per Post, Average Shares per Post, Overall Engagement Rate through Community Building


Increase social brand awareness and community building on LEGOLAND’s social channels through: 

Brand Awareness (Organic)

  • Posting user generated content with user tagged
  • Comment on anything LEGOLAND is tagged in
  • Tag other brands in LEGOLANDS posts so that followers of that brand see LEGOLAND® CA
  • Utilize #LEGOLANDCA & #LEGOLANDCalifornia

Brand Awareness (Paid) Facebook Ads

  • Utilize Paid Social Campaign Ads around the specific target demographics of LEGOLAND® CA for more “Likes”
  • Create “Clicks to Website” Paid Social Ad Campaigns
  • Boost Posts that have high engagement 

Community Building (Engagement)

  • Implementing a 100% content calendar. IMI schedules one post per day and client posts one per day. Posts spread out over the day so that we maximize our reach in the newsfeed
  • Focus on an 80-20 Ratio, where 80% are Community based posts and 20% are promotion based
  • Cross promotion of social channels & have social channel icons on website with share capabilities
  • Use high quality pictures in each post 
  • Participate in social media mainstays, like #ThrowBackThursday
  • Actively listen and respond to fans comments on posts


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