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Couples Resorts

Our creative integrated strategies have generated millions in online bookings!


Couples Resorts, a series of all-inclusive, couples-focused luxury boutique resorts in Jamaica, is perennially included in the world’s leading hospitality publications and websites as one of the best resort chains in the world. Couples already had great reviews from its customers and the press, but it needed IMI’s help in implementing a more strategic, integrated approach to digital marketing.


Increase bookings and revenue across all digital media channels while decreasing the cost per sale. There was also a goal to develop an effective ongoing plan to use multi-channel analytics for making educated marketing investment decisions.


After performing in-depth brand, industry, and competitive analysis IMI designed the ideal marketing mix and implemented our proprietary multi-channel analytics platform to collect and analyze data for developing ongoing actionable insights. Our strategy has included:

  • Email marketing and social ad spend to increase brand  advocacy through social channels
  • Social media and digital PR
  • An increased investment in PPC and Display
  • Ongoing SEO strategy to increase non-branded organic and conversions

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Couples Resorts continues to be thrilled with IMI’s data-driven integrated strategy. The results have generated a powerful online presence, dramatic increases in traffic, and millions of dollars in revenue. Some recent statistics include:

  • Earned 7% cost of sale (the goal was to decrease COS below 10%)
  • Increased social revenue by over 42%
  • Increased Facebook Likes from a few thousand to over 129,000
  • Twitter increased over 1,000% to more than 17,000 followers
  • Added 8,339 email contacts and achieved 16% open rate
  • Google traffic up by 22%
  • Google ecommerce conversion rate up 68%
  • Transactions increased by 105%
  • Non-branded search up by 112%
  • Use multi-channel analytics to successfully adjust marketing for increasing revenue

“Couples Resorts partnered with IMI in order to implement a more sophisticated data-driven approach to our integrated digital marketing efforts. Our core goal was to increase revenue from online bookings, and for years now IMI has consistently done just that! We have seen dramatic increases in revenue due to their efforts. We couldn’t be happier with the IMI team and their dedication to our account.”

− Randy Russell, Chief Romance Officer

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