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Beauty + Haircare Brand

1 million YouTube hits!


Our client was transitioning from B2B sales to B2C. We needed to create a new e-commerce site for their new audience. The commercial spot was a last minute opportunity so the website build needed to be completed in 9 days.


Create a website to support a TV ad airing to millions of viewers during the annual National Football league championship that would accommodate alarge influx of traffic.


Website Template
IMI saved time without sacrificing quality by using a website template that achieved an overall look, feel, and functionality that appropriately reflected the brand and effectively converted website users.

Leveraged Shopify Plus
By using this e-commerce platform, a secure shopping cart could accommodate spikes in online traffic.

Organized Project Plan
A detailed plan and dedicated resources meant efficiency on site execution. This helped IMI meet the condensed timeline, and deliver a website that accomplished the client’s goals.


  • 9 day site build
  • 50% increase in traffic
  • 1 million YouTube hits

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