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American Beauty Star

Returning users increased by more than 1,600%!


American Beauty Star (ABS) is a reality television beauty competition series hosted by supermodel Ashley Graham.


To increase brand awareness for the show, maximize brand engagement, and provide a user-friendly website experience.


Content Marketing + SEO: IMI identified the technical shortcomings of the previous website and presented the opportunity to develop a user and search engine friendly site. SEO best practices were implemented so that search engines could fully crawl, render, and index each page on the new site. Additionally, quality, engaging, and optimized content was developed in order to increase users’ time on the site.

Website Design: IMI migrated the website to WP Engine. The migration not only provided the website with a modern and sleek redesign, but the user experience was improved, allowing visitors to consume content much easier than before.

Paid Media: Display, paid social, and paid search were used to prospect and drive new audiences for the television program and digital content network in an effort to increase lifetime value. This included a month long social sweepstakes, which resulted in 16,500+ participants and a 63% increase in Twitter followers.


  • Returning users increased by more than 1,600%
  • 13% decrease in bounce rate
  • 40% increase in page sessions
  • 37x increase in organic search sessions
  • 110x increase in page views

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