Youtube for Politicians – just propaganda?

Social media is skyrocketing in popularity – more social networking sites and business networking sites are sprouting up all over the web. And with the rising popularity of these sites, big-time politicians are now making a name for themselves on Youtube. That’s right – Senators and members of the House have started their own youtube channel at: This is an incredible act that shows the ever growing power of not only the internet but also the importance of social networking sites. I don’t know who came up with this idea but in a way, it’s a great play for the Senators and House for some positive PR. I give them props for trying to talk to US citizens but I am skeptical to see how this plays out – and here’s why. I am naturally a skeptical person when it comes to politicians and their “promises”. I would think that this is a simple PR tactic because I have yet to see anything but lies and deceit come out of Washington recently. Congresspeople have had a terrible reputation over the past decade and who knows, maybe this form of social media and internet marketing will turn over a new leaf. I will be watching this channel diligently to see what comes of it.

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