YouTube Changes its Format

With over 100 million videos watched daily, it comes to no surprise that Youtube would invite a fresh new look for their viewers. The new sleek view displays a homepage that is designed personal for your own account. When you log in you will be greeted by an update on your current subscriptions, and a way to follow (and search for) new channels based on subject. You can also connect to your various social media sites; including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Since Google is joint partners with Youtube, it is no shock to find Google+ the first social channel available to connect to YouTube.

How is YouTube keeping up with other Social Media Websites?

What’s interesting is YouTube’s attempt at making their site more social friendly in itself. Users can add a Description about themselves, as well as a photo, and list of personal interests. Instead of users uploading a series of unrelated videos, they can now make it even more personalized by developing their own unique channel. Having a personal channel has always been an option, now it is simply more detailed and resembles other social media sites such as Facebook and Google+.

Will YouTube be easier to use?

With this new layout users will find navigating through Youtube easier and less cluttered. The actual display of videos is also more simplified with the volume bar minimized and the extra unused icons hidden in a gray color to keep users from being distracted. This also adds to better quality of videos as the display uses fewer pixels. There has been an issue of glitching when it comes to uploading videos with advertisements in the new format, which is causing users to use the old upload method to avoid this problem. But it is assumed that this will be resolved soon as advertisements help fund a large amount of personalized channels.

How are the reviews?

So far reviews have been very solid over this new transformation, but users can add their personal feedback in an added tab on the Youtube page found at the bottom right section of the Youtube screen. How do you like the new Youtube Layout?

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