Yahoo Voices Replaces Associated Content

Yahoo’s Associated Content site is being rebranded as Yahoo Voices. This new transition will also improve the design and content base, increasing standards for publication.

What is Yahoo Voices?

Yahoo Voices is a new online base for over two million pieces of original content on a variety of topics. It was created by over 500,000 people who have published articles, videos, and recordings. All of this content could previously be found on Yahoo’s Associated Content site (, however this site is officially closing and Yahoo Voices will take over. On Yahoo Voices, consumers and advertisers will be able to see real perspectives and get real expertise on nearly every topic. However, the guidelines for publishing on Yahoo Voices are more specified than previously on Associated Content. The updated submission guidelines are leaning towards making the site more unique and well written. They are focusing more on first person stories from experts, enthusiasts, and citizen journalists. After being reviewed and approved by a Yahoo editor, content will be published.

How it Works:

Authors submit stories on topics of their choice to the Yahoo Contributor Network. After being reviewed by a Yahoo editor, stories that meet submission guidelines are published on Yahoo Voices or other Yahoo destinations.

“Through our unique publishing platform (Yahoo! Contributor Network) and this new digital library (Yahoo! Voices), Yahoo! upholds and expands the scope of Associated Content’s original mission: Enabling any individuals with specialized knowledge and experience to create original content, share it with an audience of millions, and often earn a portion of the revenue it generates.”

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