Yahoo Introduces Their New And Advanced Image Search

Yahoo’s new image search presentation replicates Google and Bing’s enhancement, but has many significant features. Yahoo has just launched their new image presentation and is catching up to competitors Google and Bing by having a large thumbnail gallery that expands to multiple pages and increasing the image size when a user scrolls over the thumbnail. It also allows an easier search of galleries, a connection to your friend’s Facebook images and a simpler navigation of full sized images.

What Yahoo has that Google and Bing doesn’t have…

If you notice at the top of image search in Yahoo, there are three tabs. These tabs let you better categorize the images that you are more interested in.

  •  Top Images: Next to the “Top Images” tab will be an additional “Latest” tab that will automatically appear for image search results of trending topics, such as images of events, news, or celebrities.
  • Galleries: This will include photo galleries from Yahoo News, Flickr, and OMG.
  • Facebook: The Facebook tab automatically appears if the search results include matches from your Facebook friend’s name or photo albums. This tab works only if you set up your Facebook account with Yahoo Image Search.

That isn’t it for Yahoo Image Search. Yahoo has a new design element that when after you click on the thumbnail, it uploads the full sized image in a large gallery. The original site that provided the image is listed at the bottom, while the top bar gives a close-up of the image. The right navigation allows users to browse between options from Yahoo’s original image search results. This is an important change for Yahoo.

Yahoo Stepping Up Their Game

Yahoo’s new design of their image search will hopefully guide Internet users to search more in their image search rather than Google or Bing. These improvements were longer over due, but now they are launched and ready to be enhanced by users. The tabs of Top Images, Latest, Galleries and Facebook provides the most simple view and a clearer understanding of browsing and navigating through images.  Check out Yahoo’s new Image Search design and tabs and let us know what you think!


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