World Wide Local Web

The Internet has changed a lot in how we search for real estate.  Ten years ago, I don’t know how many people could pick up their local paper and see an ad for a home in another country.  The World Wide Web is by definition a global product and service.  For example, a person in Italy can view property online in San Diego, CA, call up an International real estate agent and buy the property.  However, in the purest essense, real estate is local as are real estate agents. This means that real agents who are going to be successful should focus on optimizing their site for certain keywords.  One suggestion is that if you are a real estate agent in San Diego, CA, and your area of expertise is Pacific Beach, then you should optimize terms like: “Pacific Beach homes for sale.”  Any internet marketing company can optimize your site for general search terms such as “California real estate.”  But if you’re a real estate agent trying to get by in this market, you should contact an SEO company to help determine what the best search terms to optimize and what is going to fit in your marketing budget.  Plus, if you’re an agent, you can cater your site to the certain neighborhood and make it a very welcoming site.  There are too many sites out there that focus on the big city.  Real estate agents should focus on the local search terms which should help drive targeted traffic.  Sometimes it’s better to have 2 or 3 solid leads each month of motivated buyers than 200 – 300 hits that do not turn into a sale.  Once your site starts to place high organically in the major search engines for local search terms, and you’ve seen a positive ROI with your site, you should then contact an SEO Company and go into the broader terms.

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