How to Work with Influencers to Create Holiday Gift Ideas

holiday influencer campaignsWith the holidays soon upon us, influencers can help create a powerful boost in brand awareness by promoting holiday gift ideas

Brands must continue to innovate when creating marketing campaigns for the holiday season.Dominant marketers must stand out from the competition by utilizing influencers to foster better brand awareness through holiday-themed content and promotions.

While innovation is challenging in the ever-changing virtual space, you can still focus on being at the forefront of the industry when it comes to influencing your market.

Here are several ways to work with influencers to create holiday gift ideas, and in turn, greater visibility for your brand. We’ll look at them across three sections – food and beverage-related campaigns, user experience, and product reviews.

Food and Beverage

Co-creation lifts brands. This marketing approach is highly effective in the food and beverage space as most holiday recipes require ingredients that come from multiple suppliers. An idea for boosting your food, beverage, or lifestyle business by leveraging your influencers is a DIY holiday recipe campaign.

Initiate a campaign that asks individuals to create enticing meals or dishes using a particular food or beverage item as homemade gifts for family and friends. For example, if your company makes chocolate, consider partnering with influencers to support your “Holiday Chocolate Challenge” by posting their own DIY recipes and tagging your brand.

Or, encourage your customer base to create chocolate-based dishes that represent their unique heritage or nationality. This can be a great opportunity to invite a new, diverse base of individuals to become customers. Besides the fact that many of us love to cook, there is a natural correlation between the holidays and food. It’s the perfect time to get your influencers ready to work. Think about using a branded hashtag on social media to help monitor results and further the promotion of your campaign and business overall.

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User Experience (UX)

User experience is about how the customer feels when they use your product or experience your service. UX must be considered when creating a holiday gift idea or campaign. Your influencers can help drive this important component of your marketing message.

To enhance UX this holiday season, consider creating a downloadable gift that can be shared through your network of influencers. Provide a holiday-themed download or link that delivers holiday songs that can be played during festive get-togethers. This simple, yet festive gift can correlate your business with positive memories of family gatherings and parties.

Product Reviews

It is becoming more common that consumers view, share, and generally trust peer-to-peer reviews more than traditional marketing messages. Knowing this, create an influencer-led campaign that asks your customer base to create short, video-based product reviews with a holiday theme or other cohesive element.

Peer reviews can help promote gift ideas for shoppers who may not have full awareness of your product or brand.


Your influencers create their own reviews, complete with holiday decor, seasonal music, and more. Before posting your campaign online, make sure you set basic ground rules to ensure quality and consistency. An example of campaign parameters would be:

* Videos length should be 30 to 60 seconds to keep the engagement factor high.

* Ensure videos focus on key differentiating factors and the positive attributes of your product or service. However, don’t hesitate to include balanced feedback from your customers. This will allow you to reply to customer concerns and show your client base that you’re in-tune with their needs. If there is a concern/problem, make sure there is a response.

* Create a holiday-themed prize for best video. Encourage voting by website visitors. Offer an additional reward for the top 10 by donating to a family in need during the holidays on their behalf.

This holiday season, maximize the effectiveness and reach of your team of influencers. Work together to create holiday-themed gift ideas that will capture the attention of your target market and expand your presence. It only takes a bit of planning, creativity, and follow-through to make it all work.

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