Wisdom and Empathy

During our internet marketing training session this morning, Mel Gordon showed us a video from ted.com of a speech given by Barry Schwartz. In the midst of this economy, Mel stressed that marketing agencies need to reach out to clients in a very real, tangible, and personal way: companies need to know that they can trust their marketers, and that the marketing agencies know exactly what the company needs in order to thrive in these economic circumstances. This is not the time for marketers to hide behind email.

Sometimes all it takes to add this personal, reassuring touch is a few minutes of extra research for your client: looking up articles relevant to their causes and goals, showing them that they’re on your mind and you are considering them thoughout the day.

Barry Schwartz’s speech emphasized the role of kindness, care, and empathy in building progress and enriching one’s occupation. A wise person knows:

– When and how to make “the exception to every rule”
– When and how to improvise
– How to use these moral skills in pursuit of the right aims
– That wise people are made, not born

Take some time to consider ways in which you can exercise these gems of wisdom in your company and in how you appeal to and communicate with your customers. Our world can certainly use a little more wisdom. =)

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