Will Twitter cave to advertisers?

Most people in the Internet marketing field understand the importance of social media sites. These sites are free for users to post comments, updates, connect with friends and etc. Companies use these sites to promote and even sell their products, services, and also brand themselves. One popular site, Twitter, has proved to be the next big thing in the social media realm. Twitter is a fantastic site that allows people to connect, share thoughts, and well, pretty much, “tweet” about anything. Like most social networking sites in the embryonic stages of their lives, there has been no sponsored advertisements on the site. Twitter has been around for about a 3 years and despite the $20M in VC funding, they have not monetized the site and tapped into their roughly 6 million users. The site has been virtually free of corporate America executives targeting the coveted 18-34 group. What will this mean for the future of Twitter? Well, like all social media giants such as MySpace, Facebook and Youtube, Twitter will most likely feel the pinch and will have to open the doors to advertisers. Yes, this is a good business decision for Twitter but how will the users feel? Personally, I wouldn’t mind but rather have expected it and when you are charging advertisers on your social networking site, you know the site itself has got some momentum. I will, like many others, wait and see what 2009 will bring to this new social media giant.

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