Will Facebook Timeline be Released for Businesses?

The Facebook Timeline, which is still in beta, is the biggest change to Facebook’s personal profile to date. The question a business might be asking is; Will Facebook rollout timelines to business pages as well? This question is yet to be known but it could be the next big change for companies promoting their business through Facebook as well.

In the past, when Facebook made major changes to personal profiles, they soon followed with changes to the business pages a few months later. This major change to the business fan page could mean businesses will need to rethink their branding efforts.

The new Facebook timeline could have major potential opportunities for businesses in the future. The new timeline futures a visual section on the very top where a company could introduce their own banner advertisement of new promotions, products, fan offers and other creative marketing techniques.  It could be possible in the future that the space could be used for interactive branding with appealing sound and graphics but this information is still unknown.

Whatever Facebook does to develop the business section, it will beneficial and useful for businesses. Facebook is learning how to take better care of their business customers since they are the ones that pay for all those advertisements.






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