Why Social Media is a Powerful Tool for Fitness Brands

Social Media For Fitness Brands | Internet Marketing Inc.The topic of fitness is slowly taking over social media channels. Becoming healthy and active has become mainstream, and women with muscles are more conventional now than ever—it’s the best time for fitness brands to invest their efforts in social media marketing! Correspondingly, the Groundswell (a social trend in which people are using technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations), has officially taken over. This means it’s now all about the consumer and what creative tactics we can use to best reach them. How does a fitness brand reach the consumer? You’re in luck; I have a few best practices to share with you that will help tremendously, as long as you stay consistent—consistency is key!

Social Media Best Practices for Fitness Brands:

Personalize your messages

Witty quotes and memes do well with many fitness audiences. To connect with your consumers, take the extra time to make them feel special with messages that speak to them directly, showing you understand and relate to them. For example, how does Starbucks do so well with brand loyalty? When a regular Starbucks customer goes in the store to order a drink, they’re familiar with and “in the know” of what Tall, Grande, and Venti stand for. They know there is a difference between a regular cup of coffee and the Starbucks Reserve cup of coffee. Another example, burpees may be a “thing” at your gym, so when mentioned on your social channels, only that gym’s members will get it and giggle at how much it resonates with them. At IMI, we work with Jazzercise, a danced based fitness program. It is our job as an agency to come up with personalized, motivational images to keep the community of Jazzercisers energized and committed, as well as tell a story through graphics that will resonate with Jazzercise fans.

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Support your community

This tactic is powerful and gratifying. Facilitating a fan base support system will free up budgets and resources within your organization. Community management for a larger brand can be extremely time-consuming with the considerable number of interactions that come in daily. However, if the brand encourages their fans to support one another, they will soon see that questions missed or seen too late, are being answered by the brands loyal fans. This helps community managers do their job which gives them more time for proactive outreach. For example, Tone It Up encourages each of their members to create a separate Instagram account to show their Tone It Up progress and to follow each other for support. Not only does this create a larger community presence for the brand on the social channel, but fans receiving that social support will drive them to pursue their fitness goals, which ultimately leads to better results and happier customers. Be sure to regularly share content that inspires your audience to tag/mention their workout partners in the post. This promotes more interaction, provides encouragement, and generates more participation from your followers.

Show your fans you care

Fans will have questions and suggestions for your brand; it’s inevitable. Be sure to answer them and thank them for ideas they provide for brand improvement. It is called social media after all, not promotional media. Showing that your brand takes the time to respond to your fans will let them know you care, which leads to higher brand loyalty.

Be interactive

Devote time to creating great content and add some interactive media so your audience continues to stay engaged and entertained. Quizzes provide personal outcomes; everyone loves taking quizzes to see their results. The team at IMI created a fun quiz for Jazzercise titled “What Kind of Dancer Are You?” The quiz was taken over 45k times and received 100+ Facebook comments on their landing page!

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There are several opportunities to expand your brand reach and influence, and connect with current fans on social media. Remember to keep your messages personal and relevant, engage often, post regularly, respond to your fans and incorporate fun interactive content like quizzes, videos, and polls. There are a variety of methods to engage creatively with your audience, test a few ideas and see what works. Fitness brands need to stay top of mind with customers because there will always be a new workout routine, fitness center or boot camp right around the corner.

What content have you seen receive the most engagement? We would love to hear your ideas. Comment below!


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