Why are Landing Pages so Important?

We have talked a lot about conversion optimization and improving ROI for your marketing investments.  This of course has never been more important.  Most companies (though everyone is negotiating the waters of the rough economy) still undertsand they need to find cost effective and creative ways to market their products and services to their target audiences.  Understanding that marketing is essential is just the first step…spending your budget wisely is a whole new ball game.

There is no point is spending a a bunch of time and money building a fancy website if it is not optimized for the search engines.  Additionally, there is no point is spending time and resources driving traffic to a website or web page that is not set up to convert traffic into business.  A good Internet marketing company will help a client define their business goals (from an online prespective) and work backwards from there.  Defining these goals first is essential so that your website can be designed to reflect the conversion fatcors that will support these goals.

Remember that your website, and pages within your website should be designed to support all outside marketing efforts including online marketing like organic search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, as well as offline marketing like print ad or direct mail.  Let’s assume a website itself is set up well for basic conversions and has the proper calls to action necessary to take people through the sales cycle.  Even if this is the case, it does not mean that your PPC ads or print ads should be directing visitors to the home page of your site.  This is where landing pages come into play. 

A good landing page strategy has multiple advantages:

  • Helps you focus on the ad campaign rather than redeveloping the actual website
  • Gives you the opportunity to test multiple landing pages for optimial conversions
  • Gives you the ability to constantly change just one page based on goals and conversions
  • Can increase conversion by up to 40%
  • Helps you focus on a specific message and call to action
  • Can be used to capture business leads without any extra steps

What are the main components for landing pages:

  • Clean, simple, but compelling design
  • Very specific call to action (i.e. 7 day FREE Trial – REGISTER NOW) – in more than one place
  • Simple content (short paragraphs or bullet points are best)
  • The use of a Multi Step Process Guide (i.e. 3 Step Process)
  • A registration form is necessary
  • Trust Factors (i.e. certifications, testimonials, etc.)
  • The use of the same keywords used in your advertisements

Here is an example of a landing page we designed for a client running a PPC campaign for their new Loft condos in San Francisco, CA.  Notice the simpe design, bullet pointed info, clear call to action, and short registration form on the right side of the page: 

The goal for this client is of course to capture registrations from interested potential buyers for their property.  This helps them build a database and get their sales teams involved in building relationships directly with the customer.

So remember, when launching new marketing efforts, even if you have just redesigned your website, consider using landing pages to support the campaign.  It will help you target the customer better and improve ROI.

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