Who is ruining the SEO Industry?

There are a few hundred companies out there runing the entire SEO industry right now. Companies are charging anywhere from $100 to $400 per month to run full scale organic SEO campaigns for competitive keywords. This is ridiculous. These companies are complete scams and they are taking money from hard working companies.  All they do is change a few meta tags, add a site map and hope for the best. These companies are not doing the most crucial steps to a successfull SEO campaign that cost money. They are not writing fresh content, adding links, posting to blogs, posting to forums, adding pages, social bookmarking, etc. They are not doing anything. The only way they are getting business is because they are cheap and companies don’t want to spend what it really costs to run an efficient SEO campaign. If you are running a proper campaign, the directory submissions alone will cost you about $2000 just to start an SEO campaign.  I can’t tell you how many times per day I see this and it is such a scam.

If you are considering using an Internet Marketing Company to run your SEO, find out exactly what you are getting for your money and where they are putting your money. I would ask for a complete breakdown of all costs and ask to see the margins of the Internet Marketing Company. If the company is using proper techniques and actually doing what they should be doing, then they should not have any problems sharing this information with you as the client.

If you are looking to run an organic SEO campaign, make sure you have the money to run it properly. If you cut corners you can incur penalties by Google that could get you blocked forever. Make sure you don’t get caught using one of these scam companies.

Also, web design companies that say that they build your site for SEO do not use proper SEO techniques 95% of the time. Always use an SEO consultant if you choose to use an outside web designer. Those are my thoughts for the day.


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