Who actually uses a phone book?

When was the last time you picked up the Yellow Pages or White Pages or any other [Insert Color] Pages and looked through them to find a number? I can’t remember either. I usually just go to Yellowpages.com to find a business’ phone number. In this day and age, why do all new homes get a Yellow Pages book? That is such a waste of paper. Now you may argue that the book is printed with recycled paper and that the paper is low grade but seriously – what other argument can you make? At my old house, the only thing I used the yellow pages for was helping start a fire in our fire pit. Today, I would assume that people don’t need a Yellow Pages. They can simply look up everything on the Internet. With the ubiquity of the Internet and the presence it has in everyday life, why would we, as a nation – when we’re on this new “GREEN” kick – support the yellow pages? I don’t know either. Any Internet marketing company will probably have the same mindset. They will probably say that the best bet to reach an unlimited audience will be to advertise online and to do search engine optimization. And I have to agree with that. Do away with the phone books of all colors and optimize a website – you’ll get a better ROI!

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