Where Search and Social Strategies Meet

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are powerful long term strategies that can have a great impact on brand awareness and increasing revenue.  Social media however is often seen as a fun and non-direct marketing tool that doesn’t attract much budget from the overall marketing spend.  Understanding how the two strategies compliment one another is imperative to ensure both are treated with the appropriate focus.

The basics of good search engine optimization from a purely “Internet marketing” focus have evolved to actually include many aspects of social media.  SEO strategy is all about getting as many pages from your site to rank on the first page of the search engines for as many of your target keywords as possible.  Great site structure (proper title tags, meta tags, H1 tags, and URLs), unique content, internal linking, and a good number of high quality inbound links are the key components of good SEO and will gradually help your pages rank in the SERPs.

SEO is approached in two ways and both are crucial to the success of the overall Internet marketing campaign.  There is on page SEO which consists of all the elements that are performed on the website itself such as structure, content, and internal linking.  Then there is off page SEO which consists of link building and additional content development through optimized press releases, blogs, forums, directory submissions, social networking sites, etc.

Many of the on page and off page SEO tactics are performed by using what we now refer to as social media marketing strategies.  For example, the best way to build high quality inbound links in a safe natural way is through engaging online communities such as blogs and forums.

  • Find out who is talking about the kinds of things your company offers and get involved in those conversations online.
  • Create a network of trusted bloggers to write valuable content about your products and services (but not in a “spammy” kind of way).
  • Submit optimized press releases and hyper link keywords back to the appropriate pages on your site.

In fact, sound link building tactics are really centered around some of the basics of social media.  Social media is becoming one of the most powerful support elements for search engine optimization and is used by any well rounded Internet marketing company.

Before any search engine optimization campaign or social media marketing strategy is implemented, a company should take inventory of what assets they have already.  Many are surprised by how many tools they already have in stock that will play right into the search and social campaigns.  For example, a company might have archives of articles and content that could be optimized for their website and provided hundreds of pages of unique content.  Additionally, many companies these days have thousands of videos stored up from over the years.  These of course can be optimized, uploaded to the company’s website and pushed out through sites like YouTube.com.  Many companies have a great head start and simply need to organize and optimize!

So the main factors to take away from this blog are the elements to understand how social media supports search engine optimization and vice versa:

  • social media provides great off page content and generates a viral buzz about the brand
  • social media provides great inbound links through blogs, forums, and optimized press releases
  • great organic placements in the SERPs support the viral buzz when interested consumers go “looking” for you
  • the more your social media presence grows the more your natural placements will grow assuming all elements are implemented using best SEO practices

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